Yeastar NeoGate TA-1600

The Yeastar NeoGate TA1600 is really an FXS that is multi-port gateway 16 FXS slots, range echo cancellation and also is suitable for both SIP and also IAX2. TA-1600 is ideal for small as well as medium enterprises that want to integrate a phone that is traditional into an IP-based program.

Yeastar NeoGate TA-1600 Overview

Offering 16 FXS ports, Yeastar TA-1600 connects analog terminals, PBX or essential methods.  Internet protocol address system FXS that is using connectivity. The NeoGate TA-1600 FXS that are also multi-port helps you to keep past financial investments on legacy telephone systems and also lower telecommunications expenses dramatically making use of the genuine advantages of VoIP.

NeoGate TA-1600 Qualities and procedures:

1. compliant with IAX2
2. flexible calling procedures
3. reliable fax abilities with T.38
4. provides a voice that is high-quality with market standard codecs
5. line echo cancellation for 32, 64 or 128 ms echo delays
6. Internet GUI for easy setting and also administration
7. Exceptional interoperability through a number of history and also internet protocol address products. 

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