IP Telephone Systems in Dubai – PABX System Installation

VOIP technology brought radical changes in the communication structure. Enterprises are either upgrading the existing telephone systems as well as building new infrastructure with the IP PBX systems. Compared to the traditional way, IP TELEPHONE DUBAI extends many advantages in terms of cost and productivity. In addition to the benefits, it gives enterprises more freedom to be involved in the business in an effective way. It has been effective in reducing the cost of international calls allowing the business to save money. The need for implementing an advanced communication system is a necessity in today’s business environment in the cities. For a good solution, what your business need is quality IP TELEPHONE DUBAI. Therefore it is worth to consult with a reliable and experienced IP Phone distributor in Dubai.

Yealink Telephones Dubai

Wireless IP phones from Yealink is proved to be worth to address various wireless communication needs. It is particularly useful for industries such as retailing, branch offices, warehousing, etc…Yealink wireless solutions are easy to afford even for the business of small kind. The two variants that fall in the Yealink wireless IP phone Dubai include the type W52P and also W56P Duct phones. It has the best battery performance and a sleek design with advanced options.

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AVAYA Telephones Dubai

Your choice of UC device determines whether you get the most value out of your UC investment. Avaya delivers smart devices built specifically for the business desktop and a variety of user needs. Avaya delivers devices that work with both Avaya and approved third-party UC call control platforms. Browse our portfolio of devices and phones. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to start a conversation about the right devices and phones for your business communications.

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Cisco Telephone Dubai

Cisco is a major and also highly reliable solutions provider with one of the most extensive portfolios of products covering all area of a UC implementation. UC products range from the flagship Unified Communications Manager to a variety of user devices including desk voice and as well as video IP phone, analog module, soft-phones, apps for smartphones, etc. And also Cisco solutions offer for both large corporations and SMEs. Cisco® Call Manager Express provides call processing for Cisco IP phone. And the Cisco Unity Express offers voice-mail and also automated attendant capabilities for IP phone users connected to Cisco Call Manager Express.

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D-Link Telephone Dubai

D-Link’s Network Telephone PBX Systems is a SIP-based solution, addressing the VoIP communication requirements of small, medium as well as large enterprises. It has built-in Call Server, IVR/Auto-attendant and Voice Mail functionalities. It helps VoIP devices like SIP phones, gateways, etc to make and receive calls, implements a host of voice call features, manages accounts as well as provisioning of D-link endpoints. D-link IP PBX coming with the enhanced features such as visual operator, voice mail to mail, multi-media music on hold, and as well as auto-attendant, etc. It’s very convenient for SME’s management, Installation, and also maintenance.

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Panasonic Telephone Dubai

Reflecting on Panasonics’ 20 years as a leader in the field, the Hybrid IP PBX system merges PBX functions and reliability with IP technology. High performance business communication system that provides advanced telephone messaging solutions, efficient as well as flexible communications. And also Wireless Mobility, IP Networking capability, Voice-Over IP, and also seamless integration with your PC through plug-n-play USB Connection.

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NEC Telephone Dubai

NEC offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from greater productivity. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems. Soft-phones help the workers quickly and reliable access tools, information, and also individuals anywhere at any time. Advanced features available on NEC phones provide businesses with even more flexible how they communicate.

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Grandstream Telephone Dubai

Grandstream is praised for its quality products, however, to enjoy its benefit. You need to make sure you are buying from the right re-seller. We are the leading Grandstream Distributor in UAE who provides you the latest products  with reliable services. Grandstream Telephone System combines the advantages of the on-premise system with agility, flexibility, and features of a VOIP Telephony. The Grandstream communication products give you the power to do business any time, anywhere and whatever devices you choose. Grandstream offers a complete selection of Business IP Telephones and communication endpoints. Phones for all kinds of requirements devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, Dect Phones and also across campuses as well as in office, mobile, remote, and as well as video users.
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IP Telephone Dubai