The NEC PABX SV9500 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich system that is ideal for large enterprises and geographically distributed businesses. It is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and offers easy integration with NEC’s unique vertical solutions.
NEC PABX is the main system chassis. All-access for loading of licenses, programming of the system is done in the unit. Each system chassis can house another additional 3 cards. Power Supply (MPS6930)=CPU (IP4WW-CPU-A1)/Motherboard (IP4WW-408M-A1)/AC Cable

  • Various other components for NEC SL1000:-

    1. NEC SL1000 Expansion Interface – IP4WW-EXIFB-C1.
    2. NEC SL1000 Auto Attendant – IP4WW-CFVRS-C1.
    3. NEC SL1000 Voicemail – IP4WW-CFVMS-C1.
    4. NEC SL1000 Trunk Card / Station Interface – IP4WW-408E-A1.
    5. NEC SL1000 Station Card W/O Trunk – IP4WW-008E-A1.
    6. NEC SL1000 Expansion card for mounting 2BRIDB board IP4WW-000E-A1.
    7. NEC SL1000 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board – IP4WW-VOIPDB-C1.
    8. NEC SL1000 60-Button DSS Console – IP4WW-60 DSS-A.
    9. NEC SL1000 12 Button Digital Telephone – IP4WW-12TXH-A TEL.
    10. NEC SL1000 24 Button IP Multiline Telephone – IP4WW-24TIXH-C-TEL.
    11. NEC SL1000 24 Button Digital Telephone -IP4WW-24TXH-A TEL.
    12. NEC SL1000 KSU Expansion Unit – IP4WW-1632ME-A.
    13. NEC SL1000 Expansion Memory Card – IP4EU-MEMDB-1.

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