The D-Link DPH-100 Dubai happens to be an HD high-Quality Telephone put in this is certainly Single sided headband. Its also with ergonomic changeable part support for independently desired positions and also optimum luxury. Sound Stopping obstructs out a fantastic amount of background sound and it’s generating your own sound clear and easy to understand for the audience.

D-Link DPH 100S Dubai Earphone

The Phone Headset DPH-100 Dubai is actually High Definition high-Quality phone wireless’ll find in Dubai and it also is a single-sided headband with flexible area assistance. The Phone Headset DPH-100 has properties such as for example noise-canceling blocks out a great level of ambient noise, producing their voice easier to understand. It’s ideal for professionals who are in need of to keep in contact with what is going on everywhere them and also for long durations of use. A neodymium magnet system for accurate reproduction and also balanced audio and also it is Low sound pressure-Less than 118db and also many more in some more addition. it has features like noise-cancellation earphones.


D-Link DPH 100s Dubai Functions:

  • EMI Shield
  • Original T-Bar Pad
  • Connector plug- phone also cable plug or immediate 3.5mm that will be double
  • Cord length- 2m
  • Wiring- Kevlar/Shielded/Anti-oxidant tin-plated
  • Original T-bar development
  • Bendable arms- 320 amount also rotation for optimal positioning
  • Leatherette padded and also ear canal pad
  • Weight: 0.18kg
  • dimensions: 190x140x60mm
  • Phone Headset DPH-100

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