Jiva Voice

Jive’s approach is especially friendly to small businesses, providing voice services that are (1 unlimited use, which means no extra fees for exceeding monthly usage, and 2 ) available to anywhere from 1 to 99 users, with customized pricing available for businesses with more than 100 users.

You can see all the features you get here, but they include recording, multiple conference options, custom messages, call filtering, fax to email, virtual fax, voicemail and voicemail-to-email, and so on.

There are even more specific features for unique modern business situations, such as whispering ( a supervisor can listen to a conversation and talk to the agent, ideal for call centers ) and hot- desking , which is switching to different desks or devices in a flatter, on-the-move organization.


8×8 offers what it calls “virtual office” plans that are a great fit for small and mid-sized companies. The packages offer many features that we’ve already discussed, such as unlimited calling, auto attendants, online call management, conferencing, and mobile compatibility that includes options for business texting.

However, 8×8 also adds in integration with sales-force, Zendesk, and Netsuite. This is a huge boon to businesses that are actively using CRM platforms to gather and organize their data. If CRM is particularly important to this phase of your business, 8×8 could be the best option for you.
One downside to note with 8×8 is that some useful features, such as internet faxing and call recording, are locked behind more expensive packages.

Ring Central

Ring Central is a California-based VoIP company with offices around the world, including the U.K. , and is one of the most well-reviewed VoIP Telephone Service available. With a network backbone in the U.S. , there shouldn’t be any increased lag from the company’s headquartered location, and its prices make it hotly competitive with its contemporaries.
Ring Central is particularly well-suited for the average business, with all the helpful features that a business  ( preferably one that makes lots of calls ) needs:

this includes unlimited calling and conferencing, toll-free numbers, customize-able caller ID, and support for up to 10 users. Larger packages add internet fax, unlimited users, video conferencing, automatic call recording, and many other useful features.
Ring Central claims that you can have your office set up with the service in a day or less and even if that’s a particularly hopeful estimate, there’s no denying that the company has a lot of practice connecting companies with the VoIP Telephone Service they need, making it an easy recommendation.

Skype for Business

If you run your own business, especially from home, you may not need much scale-ability or all the extra call features that some VoIP Telephone Service provide. In this case, Skype for Business or possibly Skype Meetings are particularly well suited to your needs.

You can hold video conferences and record meetings with up to 250 people at once, personalize your invite links and use features like instant messaging or screen sharing within the app.

A whiteboard tool and PowerPoint are both supported within the Skype app, making it perfect for presentations or collaborative group projects. It also integrates very well if you use Office 365, which adds a lot of compatibilities and extra scale-ability when your business is ready to grow.

Verizon Business Digital Voice

Maybe your business has already been growing, and you’re looking for a larger service that can cater more specifically to your professional needs. Verizon is here to help with a full-featured VoIP offering that’s tailored toward growing and larger companies.

There are plenty of standard features like holding, forward, waiting, call transfers and caller ID, but there are also many advanced features like multiple monitoring options, voicemail to email services, and different online portals that administrators, IT specialists and agents can use to control the VoIP Telephone Service.

There’s also a suite of mobile features that allow you to operate pretty much everything from mobile devices, enabling you to switch from the desktop client whenever you need to. If your office needs some more down-to-earth hardware, then Verizon also offers direct sale of phones and phone devices that are all compatible with VoIP Telephone Service.

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