PBX Systems for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Our Pbx Features solutions offer small and medium-sized businesses powerful VoIP phone systems that combine voice, data and video into one easy-to-use device, also known as Unified Communications. These features, which were traditionally only available to large companies allow you to be more efficient and productive.

Positron’s cost-effective, easy-to-use business solutions enable you to do business better 

Our solutions allow companies to leverage traditional telephony networks and VoIP in a single device that is controlled and managed via an intuitive web-based management interface. A major benefit is the capability to share a number of incoming phone lines with an unlimited amount of extensions. This results in big savings for your company, as you no longer need to provide each user with a separate line. Pbx Features, In addition, providing extensions to your remote users gives your company an overall seamless connection internally and externally.

Position’s dynamic VoIP phone systems offer high value features not seen with many standard Pbx Features offerings. You can save big, without paying extra fees for voicemail, CallerID, conferencing, call forwarding and long-distance.

Our products include an advanced set of calling features that integrate your local, long-distance and Internet access services all in one device. With Positron’s IP PBX, you can access your phone system from anywhere, anytime with anyone, keeping you connected with your customers 24/7. You can take advantage of your mobile data plan and place your mobile calls through your IP PBX. You can simplify your messages with our 1 inbox feature which brings your mobile and desk phone messages into your email inbox.

Simple and easy to install, Positron IP PBX Systems install in minutes eliminating the need for technical expertise. Positron’s business phone systems offer great value with no surprise costs.

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