The KX-TDA100/A200/A600 company telephone system is a crossbreed VoIP PBX that will be suitable for agencies with 25 to 65 consumers who wish to use the advantages of connecting on to a PRI or T-1 Circuit as well as having the ability to possess isolated IP Phones attached to the system.

The system contains the capability to own up to 4 T-1 or PRI Circuits and certainly will satisfy DID numbers. The system is a great fit as it has the ability to connect up to 96 CO Trunks for companies that would like to connect to traditional POTS lines.

The TDA100 supports up to 64 digital phones such as Panasonic DT300 Series Phones or even the KX-T7600 collection Phones. It furthermore aids up to 24 Analog Proprietary Phones including the KX-T7700 series, or 96 Single Line Telephones. This method is furthermore compatible with DECT 6.0 cordless Handsets with the mobile station for maximum coverage that is wireless your office. You may install as much as 128 wireless handsets to your body.
The KX-TDA100 has also the capacity to include Voice over internet protocol address to connect around 96 remote mobile phones or by networking several websites along by using the optional Voice over IP Gateway card. Online Phones may be Panasonic VoIP NT300 collection devices or one range phones.

The Panasonic VoIP Gateway cards will assist you to network sites that are multiple make use of the Centralized Voicemail ability to share with you 1 voicemail system. The gateway credit will additionally allow a business enterprise to have 1 receptionist solution the cell phones for multiple web sites to see whether or not individuals are found on the phone.
The phone call may then getting used in the site that is appropriate 3 digit or 4 digits dialing to avoid a toll fee. The KX-TDA100 includes an RS232 slot or USB interface for programs, songs on Hold port for songs or message on hold, along with a paging port for overhead paging programs.

Panasonic KX-TDA100 is a great remedy with a small to average business that is sized.

KX-TDA100 System Capacity

  • KX-TDA100 System Capacity
  • Optimum CO (POTS) Lines: 96
  • Optimum PRI Networks: 92 (4 Notes)
  • Maximum T-1 Channels: 96 (4 Cards)
  • Optimum IP Portal Trunks (IP-GW4): 16 Channel (4 Cards)
  • Optimal IP Gateway Trunks (IP-GW16): 64 Channel (4 Cards)
  • Optimum Digital Extensions: 64 (128 with DXDP, Not Recommended along with sites)
  • Max Analogue Proprietary Extensions (KX-T7700 Series Devices): 24
  • Optimal Single-line Telephones: 96
  • KX-TDA100 Properties
  • PC Depending Development
  • T-1 or PRI Interface
  • Person ID Alternative
  • Contact Logging- Inbound and numbers that are outgoing
  • KX-TDA100/A200/A600

KX-TDA100 Features

  • Voice-over IP Capability
  • Vocals Mail Integration with Auto Attendant
  • Musical on Hold/ Background Music Inputs Works with KX-T7000, KX-T7200, KX-T7400, KX-T7600, KX-T7700, DT300 Collection Cell Phones and Single-line Phones
  • Suitable for the NT300 Series, NT136, and NT265 IP Phones
  • Direct Inward System Access with Outgoing content (DISA with OGM)
  • Incoming Call Distribution
  • Uniform Label Circulation
  • Cost Constraint
  • Private Speeds Control Numbers
  • USB Connection
  • RS232 Output
  • Ethernet Connection for CTI
  • Bluetooth Compatible Phones
  • Up to 30 Different Ring Tones
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calling- 8 Parties
  • Hotel/ Motel Features
  • Off-Hook Call Announce
  • Part Number: KX-TDA100
  • External Paging Outputs

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