CISCO Call Manager Express

Simplify the transition from legacy telephony to unified communications and collaboration at the branch office. Cisco Call Manager Express is a customizable solution that is affordable, simple to deploy, and scalable. Provide localized call control, mobility, and conferencing alongside data applications on Cisco Integrated Services Routers.

Features and benefits

Easily configured and customize:

Because the solution is Cisco IOS software-based, you can tailor it to individual site needs. Combine it with Cisco Unity Express and other Cisco ISR services for an all-in-one branch solution.

Scalable and Affordable

Implement smooth, fast migration from legacy telephony with an expandable, flexible architecture. It’s inexpensive to add to existing Cisco Call Manager Express ISRs and integrates multiple services on a single platform.

Simple deployment and adoption

Keep your current architecture and minimize change for employees through the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express PBX and system features.

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