Structured Cabling Solutions in Dubai

Dominant Systems offers Voice, Data & Video structured cabling infrastructures that includes the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of the entire network solution.

Technology is progressing at an extremely fast pace, and businesses are depending on these technologies to streamline their business processes and keep their staff connected and communicating.

Dominant Systems is a specialist technology company who not only focusses on your Network and Telephone Infrastructures but also incorporates your Video Conferencing, Audio Visual, and Building Automation requirements. All these services have become an integral part of any sized business and must be implemented correctly to ensure a smooth service.

Our structured cabling solutions cater for any size business, and we are here to assist you with your project. Are you building a new office or want us to help with fixing your existing infrastructure? Dominant Systems delivers our enterprise services to small, medium, and blue chip companies in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

We do below Services:

  • Moving to a new office
  • New office building with multiple tenants
  • Business parks
  • Distribution Centers
  • Hotels
  • Repairs to existing infrastructures
  • Cleaning and labelling existing infrastructures
  • Optimizing networks for Audio Visual, VOIP and Video Conferencing services


Cable Management Services goes hand in hand with any Data and voice cable installation. Whenever you have a cable running from the ceiling down to a desk or cable running under a desk you need some sort of cable management aka Trunking, Cable Tray’s, Power pole (Ceiling Drop pole), Power Skirting etc.

We supply and install PVC Cable Skirting in Offices, Cable trays in Parking’s, Server Rooms, Ceilings, PVC Trunking in and outdoor.

We also supply and install various cable management systems for Server Rooms, Cabinets, Offices etc.

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